“I think of my work as one work, an ‘opus’, a construction, a product that evolves in time. In 1993 I created an installation for the Venice Biennale, MEMORY/LOSS. Working from that in 1994 in Gibellina, Italy, I created tse, a work based on T.S. Eliot’s THE WASTE LAND, an installation with actors staged in a huge old granary. One of its scenes was dedicated to the ancient Greek myth of Persephone. Extending it and adding new parts, I created Persephone.”
Robert Wilson

A show originally conceived to be presented in outdoor and unconventional spaces, particularly venues of great visual and architectonic impact such as the Ancient Stadium of Delphi or the Saracen Fortress of Istanbul, the great flexibility of the scenic elements of this piece allow it to go into virtually any venue, traditional or not, of virtually any size.
A cast of seven actor/dancers perform the myth re-envisioned by Robert Wilson.
Music of Philip Glass and Gioacchino Rossini accompany text by Homerus, Brad Gooch and Maita di Nescemi in retelling the classic myth from all sides – the text of Homerus’ Hymn to Demeter in ancient Greek is contrasted and complemented by

text in which Hades is described picking up Persephone in a bar – “My heart thumps, my head is ringing. My name is Hades, and I always make the first move.”

Watermill, East Hampton – Guild Hall, 29 July 1995
Delphi, Greece - Theatre Olympics
27 August 1995
Taormina, Italy - Taormina Arte ’96
January 1996
Maubeuge, France - Visas 96 Fest.
28-31 March 1996
Istanbul, Turkey – Rumeli Hisari
17-18 May 1996
Petronell, Austria - Art Carnuntum
23-24 August 1996
Lyon-Villeurbanne, France – TNP
5 – 9 November 1996
Tokyo, Japan - Sai-No-Kuni Fest
30 November – 1 December 1996
Nantes, France - CRDC Nantes
14 –17 January 1997
Munich, Germany – Tollwood Fest.
10 –13 July 1997
, Italy, Teatro Politeama, December 1997

Florence, Italy – 50 Estate Fiesolana
18 – 20 July 1997
Bogota, Columbia , VI Festival Iberamericano de Teatro, 27 – 30 April 1998
Moscow, Russia – ICTA, 19 – 20 May 1998
Lucerne, Switzerland – MYTHEN Fest, 31 August – 2 September 1999
Buenos Aires, Argentina
II Internacional de Buenos Aires
23 – 26 September 1999
Guanajuato, Mexico, XXVII Festival Cervantino, 13 – 15 October 1999
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Campostela Millennium Festival
8 – 11 August 2000
Mérida, Spain, Roman Theatre, Festival de Teatro Clásico de Mérida, 22-25 & 29-31 July & 1 August 2004
East Hampton – Guild Hall, 12-13 August 2006