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Indonesia Pavilion / Biennale di Venezia 2013

Albert Yonathan Setyawan (b. 1983) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ceramic Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 2007, and went on to complete his post graduate studies in the Visual Arts program at ITB in 2012. A multi-level artist, he is making a unique and major introduction to ceramics as a high conceptual and performative art.  Exploring the spiritual dynamics between humans and the natural world using hundreds of ceramics molded manually that are then arranged in modules of patterned configurations. Following geometric formations imbued with an ancient symbolic meaning, they bring a sense of the meditative and the spiritual. Recurrent themes are birds and humans arranged repetitively, while labyrinths appear in circular or rectangular shapes. In October 2012, Albert left for Japan, where he is now pursuing a Masters degree in Ceramic Art at Seika University, Kyoto.