During her career in the theatre, Adriana Asti has been directed by Strehler, Visconti, Ronconi, Missiroli, Patroni Griffi, De Bosio, Squarzina, Pizzi, Pinter, Sontag, Arias and many others, masterly performing big characters of both classical and modern theatre. She has inspired authors such as Ginzburg, Siciliano, Patroni Griffi, Musatti and Valeri, who created for her unforgettable main roles in Italian theatre pieces.
She has been performing also in French since a long time, and she succeeded in making her heroines famous in the main theatres of Paris. She has also written two plays: Caro Professore and Alcool, which had more than 200 performances. She played in more than 60 films, directed by Visconti, De Sica, Pasolini, Bernardo Bertolucci, Bolognini, Brass, Giordana, Bunuel and many others..

Adriana Asti has also conceived two productions, Stramilano, a nostalgic musical about her hometown, and Ja das Meer ist blau, poems and songs by Brecht and Weill, where she performs and sings.
For her performances she has been awarded the Ennio Flaiano Prize, the Eleonora Duse Prize, three Maschere d’oro, four Nastri d’argento, the David di Donatello Prize, the Grolla d’oro Prize, the De Sica Prize and the Ciak d’oro Prize.
Since 2004 she is Grand Officer of the Italian Republic.
In 2010 she has published her first novel La lettrice dei destini nascosti [The reader of hidden fortunes] (publisher PIEMME) and she has been awarded the Italian National Prize of Theatre Critics for her performance in Happy Days by Samuel Beckett, directed by Robert Wilson.