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  • Lucinda Childs
    Description (of a description)
    Born from the words of a distressing text by Susan Sontag, Description (of a Description) is the narration of the unpredictable event about a man who suddenly collapses on a pavement. The distress caused by such a dramatic incident comes to the light through the words and the action of the performer herself who describes it, in a climax of movements that become always more unstable and insecure in a precarious balance on the rarified space designed by Hans Peter Kuhn.
    choreography and performance >
    text >
    music, set and light design >
    Hans Peter Kuhn

    project manager > Maddalena Papagni
    original version > The Kitchen New York, 2000
    re-staging > Festival d’Automne in Paris, CND Centre National de la Danse, 2016 Change Performing Arts, Teatro di La Spezia, 2019