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    "Garrincha" is a five-act play with a prologue and an epilogue, created by Robert Wilson and based on the story of the Brazilian idol. From the football fields to the bohemian life in Rio de Janeiro, the acclaimed player of Botafogo and Brazilian national team is the central character in a work where Robert Wilson designs, in rhythm, set, and lighting, the exterior and interior world of the hero. Music and dance in "Garrincha" are fundamental elements in the dramatic arrangement, with colors and textures of the Brazil in which Wilson places this football legend. Robert Wilson's control over the art of the stage, the orchestration of relationships between music and speech, movement, body, costumes, light and space, symbol and meaning, aims to explore and enrich the narrative possibilities of a biography turned into myth. Wilson continues to seek inspiration for his plays in cultural traditions from around the globe, whether from Brecht or football. Robert Wilson has developed a highly personal language. It is a theater in which intelligence serves the heart. When creating the vocabulary of his theater, Wilson adapts techniques to address the formal challenges that the stage presents. Design and structure come first, reflecting an architectural mindset and his spirit as a painter.
    Direction, scenery, and lighting > ROBERT WILSON

    Idealization > Danilo Santos de Miranda
    Text and dramaturgy > Darryl Pinckney
    musical direction > Hal Willner
    co-direction > Charles Chemin
    costumes > Carlos Soto
    associate scenography > Annick Lavallée-Benny
    light design > Jhon Torres
    hair and makeup > Manuela Halligan
    lighting supervision > Marcello Lumaca
    lighting design consultancy > A.J. Weissbard
    Consultant >Carlos Augusto Calil

    International project and production > change performing arts
    director > Franco Laera
    production coordinator > Simona Fremder
    public relations and text translation > Maristela Gaudio
    personal assistant to Rober Wilson >Owen Laub
    agency for Robert Wilson > RW Work LTD
    production in Brazil > PROD.ART.BR Prod.Art.Br