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  • Robert Wilson / Lucinda Childs

    I. "Rise", music Jon Gibson

    III. "Pulcinella", music Igor Stravinsky

    V. "light over water", music John Adams

    It was in the mid seventies and I asked Lucinda to be in my production of Einstein on the Beach, the opera that I created with Philipp Glass. Since then she has performed in a number of my works. Some years later in 1981 she asked me if I would do the lighting and set for a dance piece she was creating with music of Jon Gibson at the Kitchen. 40 years later – during the days of the isolation of pandemic - we decided to create a new work together and we thought to start from this memory. After a workshop in Toulouse in July and a second workshop in Rome we wanted to expand the early work that we did and suggestion came to choreograph Stravinsky’s Pulcinella. I liked the idea of Stravinsky being a central counterpoint to contemporary compositions of Jon Gibson and John Adams. So we have structured the work to be in three parts and make a full evening of dance, music, images and lights. I like the Stravinsky work. It’s a completely different world, different spectrum of colors, different and therefore structurally interesting to me. I dealt with the Pulcinella in the same way I always deal with existing works: I respect the master but then I don’t want to become a slave to the master, so I do it in my own way. All of my theater in a sense is a masque of music and text; the stage picture is something we see and what we hear is something different. In this way it is very classical, like in Greek theater, the actors were all masks, or in the Noh theater and the Bunraku from Japan, the Kathakali form India. I see in my work – all of my works – the stage imagery being a mask, and behind the mask we hear something. Although my work has changed in the course of the years – I first made theater in the late 60s, early 70s until today – but it’s always the same hand and the same body and it’s like a tree: sometimes it is in a storm or sometimes it loses its leaves but it’s always the same tree. All of my work is one thing in that sense. With Lucinda I share a common sense of time and a common sense of structure, and that’s very rare, so our collaborations in a sense are second hand, we don’t need to talk a lot because we think alike.

    - Robert Wilson Rome, June 2022

    I. Jon Gibson: “Rise” (1981) New World records

    II. Knee play 1 - quotes from Nijinsky’s Diaries

    III. Igor Stravinsky: “Pulcinella suite” (1922)
    performed and recorded by > PMCE Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble directed by > Tonino Battista

    IV. Knee play 2 - quotes from Nijinsky’s Diaries

    V. John Adams: “Light over water” (1985) New Albion Records
    Concept, lights, video, set and direction > ROBERT WILSON
    Choreography > LUCINDA CHILDS

    MP3 Dance project
    directed by > Michele Pogliani
    Agnese Trippa, Giovanni Marino, Irene Venuta, Sara Mignani, Nicolò Troiano, Asia Fabbri, Mariagrazia Avvenire, Mariantonietta Mango, Giulia Maria De Marzi, Xhoaki Hoxha, Cristian Cianciulli, Gerardo Pastore.

    Co-set design > Flavio Pezzotti
    Co-light design > Cristian Simon
    Co-video design > Tomek Jeziorski
    Costume design > Tiziana Barbaranelli
    Sound > Draio Felli
    Make up > Claudia Bastia
    Technical director > Enrico Maso
    Stage manager > Petra Deidda
    Light design assistant > Fabio Bozzetta
    Video design assistant > Michele Innocente
    Costume design assistant > Flavia Ruggeri
    Photo > Lucie Jansch
    Project manager > Marta Dellabona
    Production manager > Martina Galbiati

    Project by > Change Performing Arts
    in coproduction with > Fondazione Musica per Roma, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Théâtre Garonne Toulouse, La Villette - Paris, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, Le Parvis Tarbes Pyrénées

    With the support of

    Shanghai / Nov 18-19-20, 2023
    Shangyin Opera House

    Paris / Nov 30 - Dec 1-2-3, 2023
    Grande Halle de la Villette

    Tarbes / Dec 7-8, 2023
    Le Parvis Scène nationale Tarbes Pyrénées

    Lugano / Dec 13-14, 2023
    LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura