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Peter Greenaway
production dates

Salerno, Italy
Teatro Antonio Ghirelli
Altoforno Ex Salid
12-30 December 2012
Water is cyclically present in the work of Peter Greenaway, a multifaceted artist trained as a painter and known primarily as a film maker. This new project - presented in a former ceramics factory now turned into a contemporary art venue - fits into the visionary series begun with the acclaimed film Drowning by numbers (awarded at Cannes in 1988) and continued in 2005 with the concert / performance Writing on water, in which Greenaway combines the theme of water with three literary sources: the novel Moby Dick by the American writer Herman Melville; the English poem The rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and The Tempest by Shakespeare, that already inspired Greenaway's film The Prospero's Book in 1991.

In the recent years the cutting edge work of Greenaway has focused on expressive forms, dismantling and reassembling different languages - painting, music, literature, theater, video - in experimenting new forms of 'architectural' cinema. With The Seventh Wave Greenaway is experimenting theatrical forms that merge electronic images, dialogue with architecture and live performance.

The audience will dive into a fascinating journey of images, sounds and words, in which the water - paradoxically and symbolically - flood and submerge completely the fascinating space of the furnace, once dominated by fire.


by Peter Greenaway

freely adapted from The Tempest by William Shakespeare
video editing by Irma de Vries
soundtrack Stefano Scarani
video programming Andrea Bianchi, Matteo Massocco, Valeria Palermo

curator Franco Laera
produced by CRT Artificio

presented by
Fondazione Salerno Contemporanea- Teatro Stabile d'innovazione
Change Performing Arts