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production dates

Milan, Italy
Triennale Design Museum
8 September - 2 October 2011

New York, USA
Hotel Pierre
28-30 August 2012
C25 - Options of Luxury is an all-round journey of reflection on the world of fashion, design and luxury in general. Designed and organized by Class Editori and curated by Italo Rota at the Triennale Design Museum to mark the 25th anniversary of the publisher, for the first time the exhibition will recount the history and evolution of fashion and design in an innovative mix of dates, brands, objects and events focussing on the relationships between brands and their future prospects in displays with a high emotional content and using all technologies.

The protagonists are the key people, companies and products in the birth and evolution of these sectors and which provided stimuli and materials for Rota's creativity.

C25 Options of Luxury is not an installation with good lighting and pedestals, but instead offers visitors an interactive mix of real objects and their digital representations, created by exploiting the possibilities offered by the most modern technologies to the full. The approach is alluring and revolutionary for such a traditional world as that of luxury, still associated with the craftsmanship of high quality creations.

On display will be 250 objects and ideas from the most important companies who have made key contributions to and represented the evolution of the fashion, design and luxury system in these 25 years.

The multimedia approach enables visitors to interact with tablets and smartphones, or by downloading the application for tablet PC through a path setting each individual objects in its historical context and explaining its importance in the sector's evolution.



curated by Italo Rota

construction project by Italo Rota with Alessandro Pedretti

executive Producer Change Performing Arts

for Milan:
graphics Andrea Codolo
video Bonsaininja
music Mirto Baliani
lights Marcello Lumaca

for New York:
video artist Irma de Vries
sound Daniel Testas