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production dates

Bucarest, Romania
10-11 November 2011

Milan, Italy
Teatro Franco Parenti
26 March - 5 April 2012

"How can one not fall in love with Paris?".
Around this question it revolves the theatre show Crepapelle (that literally means "in stitches of laughter") by Maria Cassi, who brings us from Fiesole, near Florence, to Paris. In a vortex of facial and idiomatic expressions, in a crescendo of the comic power, she tells hilarious episodes and sensitively makes the audience burst into laughters. Through the description of places and encounters, Maria Cassi draw the funny and contrasting portrait of the two cities, where every brushstroke depicts Florence and its folk and on the other side an unconventional Paris, which has always fascinated people walking along its boulevards and saved for them surprises and extravagant follies.

Alone on stage, Maria Cassi wears and drops masks with astonishing feats, playing very different characters: elderly homeless, beautiful women, mature men, bus drivers, children and clercks. Moving from a funny and accentuated Florence dialect to her own personal French, with all the shades from the high-class society to the bistrot customers, the actress alternates the role of a gesturing, sarcastic, impertinent Tuscan tourist to those of the snob, mistrustful and skeptical French native, creating a colorful postcard that captures the audience who willingly follow her into the play.

As Le Monde wrote when the show has sold out at the Theatre du Rond Point in Paris, Maria Cassi evokes the great masters, such as Charlie Chaplin, Jerry Lewis, Tati or Roberto Benigni.
Her witty sense of humour reminds us how important is laughing and being moved: singing, playing on words and her comic verve blend with dramatic qualities that enrich the show.
Acrobat, clown, mime and comic actress, she can write and perform ironic, funny, but never vulgar plays. Maria Cassi has proved to be able to involve everyone in a whirl of laughter. The artist is deeply sharing moods and colors with the audience and eventually they reciprocate with great applause the affection of such a generous actress.



by Maria Cassi
in collaboration with Lucio Diana

Produced by Teatro del Sale
in collaboration with Change Performing Arts
Executive Producer CRT Artificio