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Susan Sontag
Robert Wilson
production dates

Ferrara, Italy
Teatro Comunale
5-10 May 1998

Modena, Italy
Teatro Storchi
14-17 May 1998

Udine, Italy
Teatro Nuovo
21-24 May 1998

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul International Theatre Festival
30-31 May 1998

Milano, Italy
Piccolo Teatro Strehler
5-20 June 1998

Reggio Emilia, Italy
Teatro Ariosto
8-10 January 1999

Brescia, Italy
Teatro Grande
13-17 January 1999

Bologna, Italy
Teatro delle Celebrazioni
21-24 January 1999

Genova, Italy
Teatro della Corte
28-31 January 1999

Pistoia, Italy
Teatro Manzoni
4-7 February 1999

Cesena, Italy
Teatro Bonci
11-14 February 1999

Jesi, Italy
Teatro Pergolesi
18-21 February 1999

Palermo, Italy
Teatro Biondo
25 February - 5 March 1999

Salerno, Italy
Teatro Verdi
11-14 March 1999

Maubeuge, France
Maubege International Theatre Festival
19-20 March 1999

Creteil, France
International Festival EXIT
25-28 March 1999

Seoul, South Korea
Seoul Theatre Festival 2000
Munye Theatre
27 August - 3 September 2000

Warsaw, Poland
Teatr Dramatyczny
28 October 2005 / 4-9 April 2006

Malaga, Spain
Festival de Teatro de Malaga
Teatro Cervantes
21-22 January 2006

Oslo, Norway
Ibsen Festival
28 - 29 August 2006

Sevilla, Spain
Teatro Lope de Vega
12-15 March 2008

Madrid, Spain
27 March - 27 April 2008

Santos, Brazil
SESC Santos
16 - 17 May 2013

São Paulo, Brazil
SESC Pinheiros
25 May - 7 July 2013
We don't think it's strange that we belong to the land. How did that happen? Why have we come to belong to the dry land? Why not to the air? Why not to the sea?
The longing to possess wings. The strange dreams that one can fly and without being surprised at it - - doesn't that suggest something?
And so there are people who think they belong to the sea.

(excepts from the text by Susan Sontag)

Susan Sontag wrote the adaptation of Ibsen's classic play for Robert Wilson, a modern exploration of this story of Ellida, a woman whose early life had been one of great personal freedom living by the wild Norwegian sea with her father, who, after his death, marries an older widower with two daughters and finds herself trapped, far from the sea.

Michael Galasso's music is the base for a soundscape that unites adaptations of traditional Scandanavian folk songs, his own unique violin, and sounds of the sea, the cries of gulls.

Six actors play in this adaptation of a story written a century ago in Norway that has proved accessible to modern audiences all over Europe. Originally staged in Italy (1998) with Dominique Sanda in the main role, it was remounted in Korea with a company of Korean actors where it proved the surprise hit of the Seoul Theatre Festival, the first Wilson's work to be seen in Korea. Then it has been staged at the Teatr Dramatyczny Warsaw with a new cast of Polish actors and held in repertory for two years. in 2008 a new version was produced with an entire Spanish cast, the role of Ellida interpreted by famous actress Angela Molina.

With costumes by Giorgio Armani that reflect the many colors of the sea, and a simple, elegant wooden set that is reminiscent of the deck of a ship, where shifts of scene are indicated only with the addition of a sail-like cloth and changes of the light, Mr. Wilson has created a work that fills the theatre with Ellida's longing for the sea.



text by Susan Sontag
based on the play by Henrik Ibsen

costume design by Giorgio Armani

music by Michael Galasso

light design by A.J. Weissbard and Robert Wilson

sound design by Peter Cerone

collaboration to the set design Valentina Tescari
collaboration to the staging by Sue Jane Stoker

original production (in Italian) by
Change Performing Arts, Milano
Emilia Romagna Teatro, Teatro Comunale di Ferrara
and Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa

Lady from the Sea had its world premiere at Teatro Comunale di Ferrara on May 5, 1998


(Italian version)
Dominique Sanda
Philippe Leroy
Giovanna Bozzolo
Laura Torelli
Umberto Ceriani
Cristian Anzalone

(Korean version)
Suk Hwa Yoon
Sung Duk Kwon
Su Jung Yae
Ho Jung Kim
Chul Lee Kin
Doo Ee Jang

(Polish version - produced in 2005 by Change Performing Arts and Teatr Dramatczny, Warsaw)
Anna Dereszowska
Dominika Kuznia
Dominika Ostalowska
Danuta Stenka
Krzysztof Dracz
Henryk Niebudek
Wladyslaw Kowalski
Milogost Reczek

(Spanish version - produced in 2008 by Change Performing Arts and Elsinor, Barcelona)
Angela Molina
Manuel de Blas
Lara Grube
Carlota Gavino
Agustin Sasian
Damia Plensa

(Brasil version)
Lígia Cortez
Ondina Castilho
Hélio Cícero
Bete Coelho
Luiz Damasceno