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Roberto Bolle
Robert Wilson
production dates

New York, USA
Center 548
1-18 December 2010

They can be seen in museum spaces. They can be seen in subway stops. They can be seen in places where people are queuing in airports. They could be on TV.
They could be an image in your home. They can be hanging on a wall. They could be in a fireplace - the way we have a fire. On a wall at home, they can be like a window - a window that shows us another world. It's something very personal. It's a document of our time. They are what I call portraits.
(Robert Wilson)

Acclaimed playwright, director and artist Robert Wilson has created Perchance to Dream, a special installation that combines the beauty of the human body with that of functional design. A series of video portraits featuring internationally renowned Italian ballet dancer Roberto Bolle dancing together with works of Italian design will live alongside actual iconic works of furniture from the last 50 years. This heightened emotional and strikingly contemporary landscape will serve as a backdrop for the viewer to reflect on the history and beauty of Italian design.

The exhibition that transforms a half century of iconic objects of design into objects of desire through a collaboration with Bolle, leading dancer for La Scala ballet and now for the American Ballet Theater in New York City. The exhibition-a project produced by Change Performing Arts-is on view to the public at Center 548 from November 30th through December 18th, 2010.



presented by FederlegnoArredo/Cosmit
curated by Robert Wilson
video portraits featuring Roberto Bolle
a project by Change Performing Arts
an initiative by iSaloni Milano
in collaboration with ICE-Italian Trade Commission
supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development