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Irina Brook

production dates

Spoleto, Italy
Spoleto 56 Festival dei due mondi
San Simone
29 June - 14 July 2013

Irina’s Dream Theatre invites you to join us as we travel from island to island on an action-packed quest, a journey of self-discovery.
Each island draws us into a different world and atmosphere, but beyond appearances, beyond the sand, the sea and the blue skies, we find that in each of the microcosms we are confronted by profound questions about our humanity, our emotions and our behaviour.

We follow Ulysses on his mythical adventures as he tries to find his way home; on the way, we see him escape the intoxicating lure of the Lotus-eaters, outwit the blood-thirsty Cyclop, resist the call of the sirens, and almost succumb to charms of the sorceress Circe, before reaching his beloved family in Ithaca. This is a journey of wits, of challenges, of passions and of the senses.
At the end there is no pity for Penelope’s suitors; no forgiveness. Only revenge.

Next, we find ourselves shipwrecked on Prospero’s Island: this is a seemingly enchanted place, full of music and magic. But there is a darker side to what we first perceive, as this island is controlled by a powerful tyrant: the esoteric magician-chef Prospero. Its sole inhabitants are his daughter, Miranda, the monster, Caliban, and a spirit of the island, Ariel, young people who all, in their own different ways, share one and the same dream: to escape Prospero’s patriarchal domination to gain independence and freedom.
This island provides a deeper question into the heart of man: how do we allow those we love to be free, to be themselves; how do we use or abuse our power over others? And ultimately, can we forgive and let go?

Finally, we have a crash-landing on the Island of Slaves. This is a clearly an utopian island, ruled by idealised values of justice and equal rights, inspired by the thinking and writings of the Age of Enlightenment. This is a place where social experiment is deemed necessary for the common good. Here we find a mysterious « ruler », Trivelin. An ex-slave who has made it his life-search to study people’s behaviour: when masters and slaves land on his island, he tests them by reversing their roles in society, with the ultimate hope that this exercise will « cure » them from selfishness.
On this island, we can dream of a world where kindness, generosity, compassion and forgiveness count above anything else.


Three stories about revenge, forgiveness, love and freedom
a project adapted and directed by Irina Brook

by Pierre Marivaux (new production)
characters and performers

Iphicrate Hovnatan Avedikian
Arlequin Jeremias Nussbaum
Trivelin Augustin Ruhabura
Euphrosine Isabelle Townsend
Cléanthis Ysmahane Yaquini

by William Shakespeare
characters and performers

Caliban Hovnatan Avedikian
Prospero, Stefano Renato Giuliani
Ariel Scott Koehler
Ferdinand, Trinculo Jeremias Nussbaum
Miranda Ysmahane Yaquini

after Homer
characters and performers

Professor, Tiresia, Marine, several roles Renato Giuliani
Marine, Poseidone, Hermes, several roles Scott Koehler
Ulysses, Telemachus Jeremias Nussbaum
Penelope, Poliphemus, Circe, Lotofaga Ysmahane Yaquini

assistant director Geoffrey Carey
company manager Renato Giuliani
set design Noëlle Ginefri-Corbel
sound design Samuel Serandour
lighting design Thibault Ducros
stage manager / props master Philippe Jasko
production assistant Angelo Nonelli
production coordinator Virginia Forlani

production CRT Artificio Milano
in coproduction with Irina’s DreamTheatre Parigi
in collaboration with Spoleto56 Festival of 2Worlds

performed in French

An Odyssey is particularly recommended for children and families.