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    Le Trouvère

    © Lucie Jansch, Parma

    Beginning in 1855, Giuseppe Verdi began the task of preparing the score of his opera lI Trovatore, which had opened to great success in Rome in 1853, to be performed in Paris in a French-language translation as Le Trouvère. Along with setting the music to Emilien Pacini's sensitive translation of the libretto, Verdi re-orchestrated various sections of the score. Amongst these changes is the ad dition of a cantabile for Azucena in the first part of Act III, the removal of Léonore's cabaletta at the beginning of Act IV, and the lengthening of opera's finale with the addition of a coda. However, perhaps most well known of the differences between the Italian and French versions is the addition of a twenty-five minute ballet to the beginning of Act Ill to meet the expectations of the Paris opera public.

    As part of the Verdi Festival's dedication to producing Verdi's oeuvre in its entirety, Robert Wilson has been commissioned to direct and design this often forgotten Paris-Version of Il Trovatore for Parma under the baton of Roberto Abbado. Following his much acclaimed productions of Aida, Macbeth, and La Traviata, this will be Wilson's fourth staging of a Verdi opera. Having fallen into relative obscurity since its 1857 Paris premiere, despite the great lengths which Verdi took to adapt one of his opera's to the musical and aesthetic taste of the Paris of the Second Empire, this production of Le Trouvère will not only allow audi. ences to rediscover Verdi through the eyes of Robert Wilson but also in the the compositional changes made to the work by Maestro Verdi himself Following the opening in Parma in September 2018, further stag ings are planned for Bologna in 2019. These performances, also conducted by Roberto Abbado, will use Verdi's original Italian score and libretto. It is still unknown if the music and staging for the Act IiI ballet will be conserved in the Bologna production.

    - José Enrique Macián
    Opera by > GIUSEPPE VERDI
    libretto by > SALVATORE CAMMARANO
    Translated into frech by Émilien Pacini

    Music director and Conductor > ROBERTO ABBADO

    Designed and directed by > ROBERT WILSON

    Co-director > Nicola Panzer
    Co-set designer > Stephanie Engeln
    Co-light design > Solomon Weisbard
    Costumes > Julia von Leliwa
    Make-Up Design > Manu Halligan
    Director assistant > Giovanni Firpo
    Video design > Tomek Jeziorski
    Drammaturg > José Enrique Maciàn

    Orchestra and choir by > Teatro Comunale di Bologna
    Performed by
    Manrique, le Trouvère > Giuseppe Gipali
    Le Comte de Luna > Franco Vassallo
    Fernand > Marco Spotti
    Ruiz > Luca Casalin
    Léonore > Roberta Mantegna
    Azucena, la bohémienne > Nino Surguladze
    Inès > Tonia Langella
    Un bohémien > Nicolò Donini
    Un messager > Luca Casalin

    Produced by > Change Performing Arts
    In coproduction with > Verdi Festival, Teatro Farnese, Parma and Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Bologna